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The Kings Cake. Re-Imagined.

Princess Galette brings us together,

regardless of where we are coming from. 

Princess Galette reflects a society where we can share

what makes us different–our cultures and flavors—to imagine and build

a more equitable and peaceful world for all.


Imagine a Princess Ginger or Princess Pralines Roses .

The flavors are endless, just scroll down

and discover what flavors we have for the month.

You're going to love it ! Are you ready for the Princesses !

Princess Galette in the New York Times!

Princess Galette made it into the headlines with news of our King Cakes and busines is booming! In France, January 6th has been commemorated for centuries with a delicious puff pastry cake filled with frangipane in which a tiny porcelain figure is buried. The finder is then crowned king or queen. Our French pastry shop bakes them in updated flavors, available through most of January.

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